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Mobile Stair Lifts in Fairfield, CT

This is a portable stairlift chair that has tracks allowing for anyone to help a loved up the stairs anywhere. Whether it is getting into a home, within a home or even outside of the home.

  • Portable and folds down for easy transport
    Rechargeable with the capability of doing 120 flights of stairs per charge.
    Motorized so you can let the tracks do the leavy lifting.

Collins Accessibility Solutions offers mobile stairlifts in Fairfield, CT, that are designed to give you access to the world around you.

Genesis Mobile Stairlift

Why Mobile StairLifts?

The Genesis Mobile Stairlift is designed to help transport riders up and down stairs safely and efficiently. The lightweight and portable Mobile Stairlift does not require pre-installed tracks, and is able to carry up to 400 pounds as many as 120 flights of stairs on a single charge. To prevent injury, it is recommended that the operator be properly trained in the Stairlift's use, and that they first practice ascending and descending stairs without a rider.

  • Battery Operated - With a full battery, you'll get over 120 flights on a single charge.
  • Motorized Tracks - Whether ascending or descending, let the tracks do the heavy lifting
  • Portable - It folds down to a fraction of it’s operational size, and fits in almost any car trunk.
  • Easy To Operate - We designed this product to help you, help your loved ones in an easy and safe method.

Contact us for more information about our Mobile Stair Lifts, and schedule your Free Evaluation today.

Mobile StarLift Mobile StarLift Mobile StarLift

Mobile Stairlift

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