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Kitchen Remodeling in Fairfield, CT

Preparing meals every day can be time-consuming enough without the added hassles of not being able to reach what you need. Collins Accessibility Solutions has a team of professionals with skills in all aspects of accessible kitchen remodeling in Fairfield, CT.

Our kitchen designs are inclusive of all physical mobility levels and can be customized to your aesthetic preferences. Some of the features include:

  • ADA-Compliant Countertops
  • Under-Counter Microwaves and Appliances
  • Lowered Sinks 
  • Wider Doorways
Remodeled Kitchen in Fairfield, CT

Putting Everything in Easy Reach

When you or someone you live with needs a wheelchair to get around, a wheelchair accessible kitchen is essential for daily life. Collins Accessibility Solutions understands this better than anyone and offers the accessibility equipment and expertise to make yours up-to-date and welcoming. You're involved in the whole process to ensure you love the finished product.

Imagine having your microwave, stove, oven, countertops, refrigerator, and freezer positioned so that you could use them from the chair. That's what our ADA kitchen remodeling can do for you or your family. We set up your kitchen so that you can keep it clean and full of good food without putting in extra effort unnecessarily. Call us today to learn the possibilities for your home.

Invest in a kitchen made for you. Call the Collins crew for more information.
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