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ADA-Compliant Bathtubs and Showers
in Fairfield, CT, for Any Home

Collins Accessibility Solutions is here to help you gain the freedom and independence you deserve. We do this by eliminating the barriers and hazards in your home while adding safety, comfort, and convenience. Our ADA-compliant bathtubs and showers in Fairfield, CT, make it easy for you to enjoy a better bathing experience both with and without the help of a caregiver. Similar services are available for kitchen remodels.

We work to accommodate your unique needs by planning, designing, and installing a space with no barriers. An ADA-compliant bathroom is the first step to a higher quality of life at home, since it's needed so often. It's also vital for safety since bathrooms are routinely the most dangerous rooms for slipping and falling. Arrange an on-site estimate today to find out what we can do for your home.

Walk-in Bathtub in Fairfield, CT

Abundant Bathroom Accessibility Solutions

There are so many ways to improve a bathroom's convenience for those with limited mobility, and Collins Accessibility Solutions has them all. We could start by installing an ADA-compliant tub or shower with a grab bar, and from there, we can make adjustments to the entire bathroom. Feel free to tell us all of your ideas—our job is to bring them to life.

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